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Lisa Contè

Autunum & Winter 2022/23


Long dark winter days need sunlight to come through... to make us warmer and happier...


We would love to accompany you through the winter, grey, long days with our outerwear and accessories... in the classic and timeless style...

We want them to be there for you... to give you comfort whenever you needed it the most...


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blend of cashmere and wool;
light, soft and water resistant...
more unique and protective...


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We value attention to detail and the choice of quality materials. Our craftsmanship is enclosed in particulars.

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the darkest colour we use in our designs is midnight blue...

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and then the sun comes out and everything looks different...

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New Material


Every season we try to introduce a new premium material that exceeds our expectations to quality, texture and volume. Silk & Camel blend is extremely light, warm and soft.

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autumn and winter nostalgia...

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forests give us a lot of inspiration... details found in the deep woods we try to translate into a design...

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feel the sunshine...

look for the views that will take your breath away...

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come with us for a walk through the hill town of San Miniato Alto located in the heart of Tuscany...

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Here are some of our designs that you can wear inside out. We used the highest quality leather and premium sustainably sourced shearling. Contact us to discover it for yourself.


Every season we create a complete look to make you fully enjoy our premium materials, unique colours and contemporary designs.

Would you like to see our full AW2022/23 collection?

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