A constantly changing sky pattern that can be seen from the shape and movement of clouds.

Inspired by the changing beauty of nature every day, and we make things with care ONE by ONE.

Sustainable Life

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Atelier surrounded by small forests in the Tuscan countryside.

That is our base.

Warm sunshine, breeze….


In recently, we often hear the word “Sustainability”.

Origin of materials and sustainability ...

We started thinking how can we propose eco-friendly fashion a few years ago, and we arrived at such an answer.

"Let's propose one by one what we can do, even small things."

The first thing we started was energy.

All of the energy needed at the factory was converted to private power generation using solar panels.

And all the lights used in the factory were changed to LED lights.

Solar energy is a renewable free source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels that are finite. It is also a non-polluting source of energy and it does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity.

Our company is powered by 100% solar energy.


Secondly, we also focused on materials.

Lisa Conte's collection mainly uses sheep moutons.

We re-examined the roots of the material where and how come from. We have decided to use sheepskin where comes from farmers that raise sheep primarily for food.

Our sheepskin are originally discarded, as a by-product of food processing, that's why we decided to buy materials from a supplier that could prove BYPRODUCT.


In addition, our attention of the materials is not only for purchased but also, we think how we can carefully use it. The most of our garment being produced how we can less waste of the cutting, and pattern making process we study the best way to less consumption of the leather.

Also, we use the leftover of cutting that came out to make the product without wasting as much as possible, and we propose patchwork coats and accessories that make the most of these.

A little bit of our history...


The Company was established in the 80s, by Giuseppe and Maela, two artisans who developed their collections by mixing several fabrics: Starting from this idea they have created the exclusive garments of Lisa Conté.

Today their son Eriberto builds on this heritage and, with his partner Chiharu, he applies the Company's original philosophy through the contemporary fashion system, mixing the original ideas from the past with new fashion technologies.




Before meeting Eriberto, Chiharu worked in the fashion industry based in Tokyo and Italy.  She grew up as the daughter of a city tailor and loves the energy and mix of cultures which a city provides.  Together, Eriberto and Chiharu work to create fashion which is rich in Italian tradition but with fresh modern twist. Chiharu complements Eriberto's fashion-production knowledge with her creative vision.

The aesthetically unique, yet very practical and comfortable, garments of Lisa Conté have their own place on the international luxury fashion market.

Eriberto comes from a fashion production background as his family established and grew their business around the fashion industry. He has grown up surrounded by luxurious materials and fashion garments. He has followed the production process and merchandising closely and regularly collaborates with luxury brands. He understood from a very early stage how efficient production processes could be used to bring the creative ideas to fruition.


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