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ethical approach

We never felt like labelling our brand or website with "sustainable" slogans and promises as, for us, the concept of sustainability is the consequence of being ethical and having strong family values.

As parents, we want to give our children the best future. We take every possible step to protect our planet and to be an example of ethical human beings so they can grow with a pure yet very solid foundation.

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"we create and design for you as we would do it for ourselves, for our family."

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since 2011

In over 10 years, the use of solar energy has allowed us for a total saving of 126,6 tons of CO2!

Click here to read a full report.

short supply

Every Lisa Contè piece is designed and produced by us, a family-run atelier in the heart of Tuscany. 

Most of our materials and textiles are produced customarily for us in Tuscany.

It makes us proud to support local textile laboratories. This approach also allows us to save on CO2 emissions by skipping long-distance deliveries.


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