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During the last 35 years, we have established evident design narratives in our collections. Premium materials used in our designs are inspired by "Nature, Tech and Innovation".


“Nature” narrative stands for classic, minimal yet very special designs inspired by nature. 

Our ethically sourced premium shearling is made in the most delicate shades of colours, thanks to years of experience working with this traditional material. It's also blissfully soft due to long research regarding tanning formulas.

The garments aren’t studied only from an aesthetic point of view but also are very practical thanks to their versatility of wear (reversibility), cut and mix of fabrics.

Lisa Contè

knitted sleeves 

Every premium cashmere knit pattern is inspired by something found in nature. Each season, we mix threads in different shades of colour to obtain something unique, something that has depth.

We collaborate closely with a family-run artisanal lab that develops every knitted sleeve for us in Tuscany.


We strongly value a short supply chain, as it makes us proud to support local craftsmanship. This approach also allows us to save on CO2 emissions by skipping long-distance deliveries.

Lisa Contè


The "Tech" narrative refers to the fashion industry's progress yearly. We have decided to create a continued collection that combines traditional fabrics with high-tech materials such as Thermore padding.


Thermore padding maintains the proper internal temperature; if the temp drops, the Thermore automatically increases the temperature inside the garment and vice versa.

mixed materials DNA

Our Brand DNA is to mix blissfully soft premium fabrics and materials. Enjoy the protection of "Thermore" padding, the warmth of cashmere sleeves and the softness of frontal shearling.

This concept is the foundation of our Zero - Waste Programme, as by mixing materials, we can use every remaining precious piece.


We value attention to detail and the choice of quality materials. Our craftsmanship is enclosed in particulars.

2 copy.jpg


premium textile treatment


The "Innovation" narrative is about the use of innovative materials.

This year's material is silk and camel hair blend.

We design these garments in order to accompany our customers into a more open-minded way of thinking when it comes down to a traditional design.

98 copy.jpg
Lisa Contè

Silk & Camel Hair
shearling effect

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