Sustainable Materials

During the last 25 years we have established a very clear design narratives in our collections. Materials used in our designs are inspired by "Nature, Tech and Innovation - Sustainability". Every season we try to introduce innovative materials that are more sustainable and more durable. 

In all our design narratives we use highest-quality materials to ensure customers
satisfaction. We choose materials that are water-proof, resistant to stain and colour
transfer. In every collection we look for the performant balance between creativity, sustainability and practicality.


“Nature” narrative stands for designs that are classic and minimal inspired by nature. The garments are made of shearling sourced from ethical factories where its treated as a by-product of a food industry. In the designs we often mix the shearling with fabric materials such as cashmere, wool or camel hair.

Our shearling is made in the most delicate shades of colours which are hard to produce but as a result of a long research and years of experience of working with this traditional material we have managed to find the right companies which produce them. The garments aren’t studied only from aesthetic point of view but also are very practical thanks to their versatility of wear (reversibility), cut and mix of fabrics.

Lisa Contè
Lisa Contè

Tech (Thermore padding)

“Tech” narrative is referred to a progress that fashion industry makes every single year. We have decided to create a continue collection where we combined the traditional fabrics with tech materials such as Thermore padding. We wanted to create a collection that is performant and smart.

Thermore padding is a tech material that maintains the right temperature depending on the temperature outside. If the temp drops, the Thermore automatically increases the temperature inside the garment by 10 degrees and vice versa. It wasn’t easy to find the perfect balance between traditional and tech materials but over the years we specialised in this aesthetic and design. In our current collection we used a performant and sustainable Thermore padding made from recycled plastic bottles.

Innovation & Sustainability 

“Innovation and Sustainability” narrative stands for care and will to protect the beauty of nature by which we are strongly inspired.

Living and working in the Tuscan countryside
where we are continuously surrounded by its beautiful landscape made us take every
possible action to preserve its beauty.

1. Our company is 100% powered by solar panels.
2. Leftover fabrics are used to create patchwork garments.
3. Our garments covers are made of recycled cotton.
4. We are a small family-run business with production control. Everything that is produced comes out from our Artisanal Laboratory, we are in complete control of the production as we all do it by ourselves.

Lisa Contè

Innovative & Sustainable Materials

When it comes down to design and use of innovative and sustainable materials, we introduce every year a new material to our collection. We work with recycled polyester and with innovative external materials such as recycled polyester knitted on wool or on camel hair, recycled cotton or plant based leather. We design these garments in order to accompany our customers into a more sustainable and open-minded way of thinking when it comes down to a traditional design.

Lisa Contè

Silk & Camel Hair
Fur Effect

Short Supply Chain

Our wool, cashmere, knitted outerwear components, tech internal padding are Made in Tuscany.

Our collections are fully designed and Made in Tuscany.